About the event

Goonhilly 60 Event Information

Date: Saturday 23rd July 2022

Event Start: 13:00 (1pm)
The Campsite / Carpark opens at 12:00 (12pm Midday). The bus service to Goonhilly will commence just before 1pm. 

Event Close: 01:00 (1am)
*Last Entry to the event from the carpark is at 20:00
Last Entry / Re-entry: Please make sure you board the bus to Goonhilly before 20:00 (8pm). You may come and go from the Event Carpark / Campsite as you please, but there is no re-entry to the site if you leave after 20:00 (8pm).

Arrival / Important Information
IMPORTANT: Access to the main event arena situated at Goonhilly Earth Station is by event bus only.
The event bus will depart very regularly on a constant cycle from the Event Carpark and will be direct to Goonhilly. The journey takes less than 5 minutes.
Please do not try to access the event any other way. Anybody trying to access the site on foot or by vehicle will be refused entry and directed to the event carpark to board the bus.
Carparking, Camping, pick up/drop off and taxi rank are all located at the Event Carpark.

You will have your tickets checked and receive your wristbands upon alighting the bus. You may be subject to a security search at this stage.

Event Carpark Address:
Please follow the instructions on our ‘Travel’ Page: Travel – Goonhilly 60

Carparking: Tickets are available from our website for £5, Campervan tickets £15 and Camping tickets £5 per head. (all tickets plus handling fee).
The Event Carpark and Campsite must be vacated by 11:00 (11am) Sunday 24th July.

Taxi / Drop-Off: There will be a Taxi/drop-off/pick-up zone located at the Event Carpark. Do not order a taxi directly to Goonhilly, taxis will not be granted access to the site. Please book your taxi well in advance as there are local shortages.

Camping: We have a basic campsite available for an additional cost. If you want to camp please purchase a ‘camping’ ticket HERE. Camping tickets are per head and only valid when used in conjunction with an admission ticket.
The campsite is located a short walk from the carpark.
The campsite has toilets and drinking water, but no showers or power hook ups.
The campsite must be vacated by 11:00 on Sunday 24th July.
Campervans: Campervans must purchase a separate ‘Campervan’ ticket. Campervans will not be allowed into the normal carpark. Campervan pitches do not include power or water hook ups, which are not available.
A campervan ticket should be purchased per vehicle.
Campervan tickets may re-enter the event when returning to their campervan.
The carpark must be vacated by 11:00 on Sunday 24th July.

Open Top Bus Tours: Will depart from just behind Goonhilly 1 (the big dish) in the main arena, just south of the main entrance tent. Ask a steward for directions if you can’t see the sign. *please note additional tickets are required for the open top tours.

Tech Jam / Mini Planetarium: Are both located in the Visitors Centre. Tickets for these are free but booking is recommended as capacity is limited.

Accessibility: If you have any accessibility requirements and would like to attend the event, please email Support@eventcube.io with your requirements prior to booking a ticket. We will liaise with you directly and do our best to assist you in these requirements. We can provide companion/carer tickets where arranged in advance. Please note that if you do not discuss your requirements with us in advance we may not have the resources we need to assist you.

Entry Requirements

Bags: To make your entry to the site as quick as possible we recommend that you do not bring a bag. However bags are permitted if required but may be searched by security.
Dogs: Are not permitted at Goonhilly Earth Station. You may leave your dogs at the campsite at your own risk, assuming that they are well behaved and secured.
Food & Drink: You may enter the campsite with food and non-alcoholic beverages ONLY.
Bringing drink of any kind or food hampers into Goonhilly is prohibited. You may bring an empty bottle to fill at our onsite water points. Attempting to bring alcohol to site will result in confiscation.
Prohibited Items: Please see the full list of Prohibited Items at the bottom of this page.

Other Information
COVID-19: As outlined in the UK’s Living with Covid plans, due to the predominantly outdoor nature of the event, face coverings will not be compulsory on the site. Some traders and staff may be wearing face coverings at their own discretion, and you are welcome to wear a face covering if you would like to do so.
We want to help keep everyone as safe as possible, so it’s advised to only visit the event if you’re feeling well enough to do so.

Cash Points: There are no ATMS on site. Our bars and food traders will be offering cashless payments, but it is advised that you bring some emergency cash in case you need it.

Dress Accordingly: This is predominantly an outdoor event and we recommend that you come prepared for all weathers. Whilst it is summer, the weather in Cornwall can be unpredictable. Be sure to bring a waterproof jacket in-case it rains.

On Site Facilities: We have a wide selection of fully licensed bars, cocktails, independent food vendors and other attractions situated in the arena at Goonhilly.

First Aid & Welfare: We will have on-site Medical Centre manned by qualified staff. Please make yourself aware of its location as you enter the festival. If you suspect somebody is unwell take them to the Medical Centre.
If in severe cases they are not moving, please do not attempt to move them. Alert a member of staff immediately who will call for the exact help needed.
If you take any medication regularly remember to bring it with you and make your friends aware of any illness or allergies you may have. Look after yourself and those around you.
The Welfare area is located right next to the Medical Centre. If you need to grab a quiet five minutes or just want someone to talk to, the Welfare area provides a safe and non-judgemental space to do this.

Ticketing Queries
Our exclusive ticketing partner for Goonhilly 60 is Eventcube. please note that your ticket will be digital and these will not be posted out. If you have any questions about your ticket please email support@eventcube.io

If you require any further information please email us support@eventcube.io
Prohibited Items
Upon arrival at the festival all attendees will be subject to a security search.
Various items are prohibited at Goonhilly to keep the event safe and to allow us to comply with the licensing objectives.
The following items are prohibited at the event. We reserve the right to prohibit any other item if, in the opinion of the organisers, it could reasonably constitute a risk to safety or security.

> Drink
You may not bring any drink (including alcohol) to the event. Water points are available on site. Empty re-useable water bottles are permitted.
> Liquids
You may not bring any liquids into the event other than hand sanitiser up to 50ml.
> Drugs / Controlled Substances
A drugs search is in operation at the event entrances, any drugs will be found. Anybody found in possession of any un-prescribed controlled substances will be ejected and passed on to the police. This includes new psychoactive substances or “legal highs”.
> Animals
Only registered assistance dogs are permitted beyond the Event Carpark. Please let us know in advance if you are bringing an assistance dog with you.
> Filming equipment
Unauthorised professional photography or filming equipment is prohibited.
> Food Hampers
Picnics are not permitted beyond the Event Carpark / Campsite.

> Dangerous items
The following are considered dangerous and are not permitted, our security team reserve the right to confiscate and dispose of these items.
◦ Drones
◦ Glass in any form (including perfume bottles)
◦ Cans or metal containers
◦ Spray cans, Gas cannisters or compressed gas in any container
◦ Fireworks, flares, smoke cannisters, Chinese lanterns
◦ Camping stoves or cooking apparatus, explosives
◦ Handheld communication devices such as radios, radio jammers / scanners
◦ Firearms, knives or blades, replica weapons of any sort, anything that could be reasonably deemed a ‘weapon’
◦ Large golf umbrellas
◦ Cooking equipment
◦ Balloons
◦ Gazebos or parasols
◦ Sports equipment
◦ Flags and banners
◦ Megaphones, amplification equipment
◦ Klaxons, airhorns or other similar items capable of making loud noise
◦ Laser pens
◦ Scooters, skateboards, bicycles, trolleys
◦ Any other item which security may deem hazardous