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Where is the event

The Goonhilly 60 event will take place at Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall. The iconic location will host the event but all parking and camping will be located at a different location near the site. A shuttle bus will operate a park & ride service between the two locations. Please see map below – Click icons on mobile for info/directions

Car parks and campsite  – postcode TR12 6LH.

Dates & Opening Times

  • The event starts at 1pm on Saturday 23rd July with the first bus leaving the car park and campsite at 12:45. No access to Goonhilly Earth Station is permitted without arriving on the bus. The buses leave the car parks and campsite which is located at postcode TR12 6LHThe buses will run continuously from 12:45 – 0100.
  • Last entry to the event is 8pm, you must board the bus to Goonhilly before then, after this time the bus will become return only.
  • Campsite and car park opens at 1200 on Saturday 3rd July.

Campsite Facilities

This area opens at 1200 on Saturday 23rd July. It is a very basic campsite with limited facilities. It will have toilets, water, a small cafe and bar. There are no showers or electrical hook ups. You are permitted to bring small caravans in place of a campervan. The campsite is very close to the car park under 300m max walk. No tents will be permitted in car parks and no cars in the campsite.  You will need to vacate the campsite by 11am on Sunday 24th July.

Can i park at Goonhilly Earth Station?

Unfortunately not, we have very limited parking for staff and disabled on the site. We do have a car park and campsite nearby that will be linked by a  shuttle service. All event car parking is located at TR12 6LH you will need to pay to park in advance. Advance tickets available now from here. The car park opens at 1200 on Saturday 23rd July. You will need to remove your vehicles by 11am on Sun 24th July.

Is the parking close to the campsite?

Yes the furthest you will have to walk from your car to your tent will be 2-300m. No tents permitted in Car Parks

Drop offs and Taxis

All event traffic including pedestrians, cyclists and taxi/drop offs and collections must be from the car parks and campsite. No admission will be permitted onto the earth station without arrival on the buses. Drop and Collection postcode is TR12 6LH

What access do we have to the satellite earth station

The main event is hosted very close to ‘GH1’ or ‘Arthur’ The oldest of the earth stations dishes and the one that transmitted the Moon landing. You will be able to see the other dishes and you will be able to take a guided tour on an open top bus to parts of the site usually closed to the public (limited tickets available). For security reasons you will not be able to walk around the station outside of the event arena.

What can i expect at the event?

The event will feature a programme of music, theatre, science and culture surrounding Space and the history of Goonhilly Earth Station. A full schedule can be found here

What does my ticket include?

Due to the nature of the site our capacity in certain areas in strictly controlled.

Saturday Day Tickets include:

  • Access to Goonhilly Earth Station
  • All entertainment including the headliners and afterparty.
  • Camping
  • Park & Ride service

Doesnt include:

  • Parking for your vehicle
  • Camping
  • Food & Drink

Is the event outdoors?

It will be a mix of outdoor and indoor entertainment. The headliners will be on an outdoor stage.

Can i go to and from the car park and arena during the event?

Yes absolutely, the shuttle service will run continuous from 12pm until 1am the next day and is free to use as much as you like. Please note last entry to the event is 8pm at which point the shuttle will become one way back to the campsite.

Can i take food and drink into the arena/campsite

You will not be allowed to bring alcohol into the event arena at Goonhilly Earth Station. Glass is also not permitted. There are plenty of bars inside the arena.

There will be a range of catering stalls at the event arena and a small caterer and bar in the campsite. We do not allow large picnics into the event arena.

Is it family friendly?

Yes absolutely kids under 5 are free too but please note most of the music entertainment will take place in the evening so you may have to adjust bedtimes etc.

There will be baby changing WCs available at the event and the shuttle bus operating between the carparks and event site will be able to take push chairs etc.

Disabled, & Accessibility

If you have any accessibility requirements and would like to attend the event, please email with your requirements prior to booking a ticket. We will liaise with you directly and do our best to assist you in these requirements. We can provide companion/carer tickets where arranged in advance. Please note that if you do not discuss your requirements with us in advance we may not have the resources we need to assist you.

I want to get involved/have an idea...

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