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19:15 – Orbit Stage

For about 18 months now, MAX RAD has been treating us to a slew of thoughtful and evocative singles and has really carved out a name for himself. The singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist has a very hands-on approach when it comes to his music and his sound, and this is something that has played a large part in the success and acclaim that he has received. Cutting his teeth among the London music scene, the Gloucestershire-born artist has developed a unique brand of electronic music that feels uniquely his.

From innately catchy singles such as ‘Carousel’ and ‘Rumours’, to his emotional and phenomenal, soul-baring new release ‘Old Toy’, there is something that is quintessentially MAX RAD about all of his work, and this unique DNA has earned the artist scores of plaudits and admirers. With a huge 2020 planned and an already sensational back catalogue of work behind him, MAX RAD has allowed us to get to know him a little better and delve into the mind of one of the UK’s finest emerging talents.

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