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surround three sided toothbrush copy



Surround Three-Sided Toothbrush – Adult and Children

  •  Adult – 5 Years Up
  •  Toddler /Child up to 5 years 


Simple back & forth brushing makes oral care quicker, easier & more efficient for carers and those with dexterity issues making it the perfect tool for ‘Special Needs” and orthodontic patients, children and the elderly.

  • The unique Surround® Toothbrush has 3 rows of bristles that surround the teeth to clean front, back and biting surfaces all at the same time.
  • The surround toothbrush is designed to make brushing easier for children who cannot use convential single headed toothbrush or who have difficulty with motor skills and coordination.
  • ‘Head and neck’ of the brush designed to bend rather than break, making brushing safer for those who tend to move during care or bite down on the toothbrush.
  • Outer brush heads / wings can be bent and repositioned for improved access, including adjusting the width or spread.


  • Available in Adult – 5 Years Up
  • Child / Toddler sizes; the child brush is recommended up to age 5 or so and 3-bristle-pad design helps guide the brushing action of ‘new brushers’ assuring they brush and clean all surfaces of the teeth, back and front


  • Chose from four  colours: Orange, Purple, Blue or Green. Comes with a head cover.



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