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The Mysteries of the Solar System with Will Gater

3pm – Main StageAuthor Talk / Q&A –  The Mysteries of the Solar System with Will Gater 

Will Gater & Colin Midson:

Will Gater, author of The Mysteries of the Universe and Stargazing for Beginners

Will is the author of Stargazing for Beginners, a practical guide that explains and demystifies the cosmos while helping readers build their astronomy skills. Beginning with an explanation of the Universe itself – how big is it, what shape is it, how old is it, and will it end? – Will will take us on a tour around the night sky, explaining how to train your eye to recognize constellations and how to tell planets apart from other celestial bodies. In an interactive event for all the family, he will take us the length and breadth of the solar system, providing lots of fascinating facts for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of the night sky. Will’s book for younger readers is The Mysteries of the Universe, a stunning space encyclopaedia packed with fascinating information. From planets and asteroids to black holes and galaxies, every page reveals the secrets behind more than 100 celestial objects, and will inspire youngsters as they journey through the vastness of the Universe. 

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