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The Origins of the Universe with Dr Emma Chapman 

4pm Main Stage – Audiovisual presentation / Q&A –  The Origins of the Universe with Dr Emma Chapman 

.There’s a lot for astronomers to be smug about, from recording the afterglow of the Big Bang to imaging thousands of galaxies. But when it comes to understanding how the Universe began we are literally in the dark ages. In effect, we are missing the first one billion years: the origin story of the cosmos as we experience it today. In First Light, Dr Emma Chapman looks at that point in history when, after hundreds of millions of years of dark, uneventful expansion, the chaos of the Big Bang gave way to the order of galaxies, black holes and stars and, before long, kick-started the pathway to planets, comets, moons, and life itself. Emma draws on the very latest research of astrophysics, to tell us how the first stars were formed, why they were so unusual, and what they can teach us about the Universe today. She also offers a first-hand look at the immense telescopes that peer into the past, that search for the echoes and footprints of these stars.

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